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Nicholas Semaan, TLLP

Limited License Clinical Health Psychologist

The journey to understanding our life and personal meaning can be a fulfilling yet overwhelming one. As much as we might want to take it all on ourselves – or not want to take on any of it – having someone to listen and reflect with you on your past, present and future can help stimulate unique perspectives from within.

I currently have a Master’s degree from the Michigan School of Psychology with a humanistic/existential orientation. Using this client-centered approach as a conceptual foundation, I then draw on a range of different techniques and philosophies such as depth psychology and logotherapy to tailor my approach to your unique treatment goals.

It would be an honor for me to accompany you on this journey as you cultivate your own inner healer. I look forward to your call, text, or email.

734-369-4992 (ext 702)

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