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Our mentality on mental health

Courage comes not when we are strong, but when we feel weak

Asking for help is often one of the hardest things to do. Many are used to putting on a mask so no one knows the challenges they are facing. Often, by the time people seek us out, they've tried everything they can to get things to turn around. Sometimes it's the stigma around mental health that make seeking help so difficult.


We think differently. We recognize the courage it takes to ask for help. We commend those who are willing to prioritize self-improvement, over silent suffering. The truth is life has plenty of stressors that are challenging. Some people have experiences which affect their relationships, jobs, or prevent them from enjoying what they used to enjoy. To think of it another way, when our cars make weird sounds, start getting poor gas mileage, or just aren't running like they used to, we turn to a mechanic. Why shouldn't our mental health be the same? Anyone who owns a car knows they'll have to invest in regular maintenance at best, but understand if you own a car for long enough you'll likely have a bigger fix some day, even with normal driving. No one should be judged for having a problem, because no one lives a life free of them, but it's a great injustice to have a problem and not engage in a solution when one is available.


At Joy Family Center, we want people to come and feel comfortable, respected, and taken care of when they are under our care. We prioritize strong therapeutic relationships in combination with evidence-based treatment. We believe in being honest, open, and direct in our work. Our team of talented, and compassionate clinicians utilize their extensive education and training, to help our patients move forward in their lives with meaning and purpose. No matter the source of your struggle, or the path you've walked before entering our door, we are here to accept who you are today, and to help you progress towards living a healthier and happier life. We believe that moving towards becoming our most authentic selves we become more proficient at navigating life's numerous stressors. By doing the work, we end up as better students, family members, partners, friends, and as a byproduct, happier with ourselves. We seek to create change that goes beyond a technique and creates a lifetime of better living no matter the obstacles we face. We are here to serve you. A better life is possible.

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